World Teacher's Day: Helping Teachers Make Learning Fun and Valuable for Students

For years, Impact(Ed) has worked to provide teachers with the training and tools to help them create dynamic, student-centered classrooms. One of our key goals is to make sure teachers in marginalized communities are equipped with techniques for 21st century skills development to help students succeed in school and in life.

The Discovery Project, an Impact(Ed) program funded by the UK government through its Girls' Education Challenge initiative, is helping us take this mission forward in Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria.

An important component of The Discovery Project is providing schools sustainable technology and engaging video content that teachers use to bring learning to life and help students retain what they’ve learned. Teachers are able to easily match our video programming with their lessons because the content is mapped to the local curriculum.

Rose Lela Chiriswa is a primary school teacher who was trained in one of our partner schools in Nairobi.

“Before the videos came, we had a problem," Rose said. "You could see that [students] really had not understood. Teachers did most of the talking. It was kind of boring. Now we have (video), this retains students in school. [Students] look forward to having the video lessons. They ask questions. They are very interactive these days."

This partnership with teachers, administrators and ministries of education, has increased student retention, enrollment, attendance and learning, as well as student motivation. By building the capacity of teachers and ministry officials, our innovative approach transforms the learning process in the classroom and the community at large.

“[Training] has helped me improve as a teacher. I enjoyed the 21st century skills, whereby you have to collaborate, to be creative. I also look forward to having my DLA lesson," added Chiriswa.

Look at what more of our teachers are saying about this work:

Rose Lelah Chiriswa

Peter Koigi