Citizen TV Kenya launches first of its kind animated series for teens

Innovative part-animated, part live action format combines fiction with real-life heroes.

Citizen TV Kenya, Kenya’s premier television network, began broadcasting a new animated series for young people in Kenya on Saturday, October 12.

The series, My Better World, is the first of its kind on broadcast television, combining animation and live action stories from Kenya and across Africa. It follows the adventures of six fictional friends as they navigate the challenges of school, family, and friendship. Each episode also includes a short profile featuring real-life African heroes dealing with issues faced by adolescents today.

My Better World boldly tackles subjects that few have seen on television in such an innovative format. As the six teen friends try to find their way in the world, they deal with pressures from school and family expectations, and learn to support each other in the process. The series will also be available in Swahili and Somali.

Rahma Nsekela, a voice actor who plays the series’ narrator, Abi, said, “What I love about this series is how it addresses issues young people really face, and how my character and her friends find their own solutions to life’s challenges.” Nsekela, whose character struggles with her family’s conservative traditions, added “It’s one of the few shows out there that truly puts youth  at its core.”

My Better World is created by Impact(Ed) International, in partnership with the Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) and produced by Fundi Films with animation by MAAN Creative.

The show airs at 9 am East Africa Time every Saturday on Citizen TV Kenya. Watch the trailer below or find out more at!